All the Brexit/Revoke Article 50 government petition resources

A couple of years back I was intrigued by the seemingly-very-uniform growth of a large and fast-growing government petition. The government’s petitions site gives you the data in a quite usable form (called JSON) but it’s only an instantaneous snapshot of values. It doesn’t record the history of the petition’s growth.

So I built a little tool to collect the number of signatures every 5 minutes and store it so I could plot charts of growth.

Now…you may have noticed that a little petition has gone a bit “viral” in the last couple of days! So I kinda turn, temporarily, into petition data geek.

And it’s not just me that is tracking it. Various other people are doing interesting things with the data. So here’s a little list of Revoke Article 50 petition resources. If you want to add yours then drop me a line.

Tracking over time




Fun things

Code. AKA: “I think you’re confusing ‘Interesting’ with ‘Boring'”

4 thoughts on “All the Brexit/Revoke Article 50 government petition resources

  1. Dear Mr Wintle,
    Many, many Thanks for this.
    Made me feel a little less hopeless and powerless, in this bad time for our country.
    4 Cheers for geeks
    Shannon O’Hara

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