On strikes and taxes

I want to say something about strikes.

Nurses, postal workers, train drivers, border force, paramedics: you have my support.

The whole gig economy sucks. The lack of investment sucks. The rich getting richer sucks. People need good jobs that pay well. Get what you deserve!

And for ministers saying “we can’t raise taxes when people are struggling”: you absolutely can – tax the people who AREN’T struggling. Tax the millionaires and billionaires. Tax the corporations making massive profits. There are options here. Do it!

You might say: “But Ross, aren’t you doing OK? You have a good IT job and stuff. What if they come and tax you?” And I reply: “Yes! I’m VERY fortunate and privileged. And I’d actually CELEBRATE being able to pay more tax if I knew it was going to front-line workers and not into the grimy hands of already-rich people who milk off the state with their corrupt business schemes.” ?

There is also a whole thing about how we talk about tax. That tax is bad because it takes from us. We need to turn that around. Being able to pay a lot of tax is a privilege. I get to GIVE from what I earn to pay for OUR nurses, OUR teachers, OUR bin collectors. Let’s make that GOOD!!