• LiveStreams: Discovering Gutenberg

    I'm live-streaming reviewing Gutenberg block-editor plugin releases and exploring new block editor features. Here's some info and thoughts on that.

  • Takes of Ducks

    Lots of people have been taking up the new Vine app that lets you record 6 second videos and gotten really enthusiastic about it. Some people have done some really creative things with it and the 6-second limit kinda forces you to be creative. It reminds me of the early days of Twitter where people […]

  • Swindon Cycle Paths: A Missed Opportunity

    A little while ago there was some discussion on Twitter about cycling in Swindon. It started from a question asked by whoever was running the PeopleOfSwindon account that week, and we got onto the topic of Swindon’s cycle paths. The following observation was made: @Surfseekerdin – public cycle paths seem extensive, though I don't cycle, […]

  • A bit of fun in the snow

    This year, we arrived in Devon with deep snow all ready and waiting for us. We recently upgraded to a waterproof, shockproof Olympus camera, and so I couldn't resist re-making SledgeCam in HD.

  • Spring and Starlings

    It's still light at 5pm. There's garlic poking its head out of the earth in our herb patch. I'm on the verge of wearing shorts for bike rides. It must be...