A bit of fun in the snow

Devon HillsOne of the nice things about not hiding my identity any more is that I can share more stuff with you all.  After my long LTP rant the other day it’s time for some positivity and fun.

It’s amazing how quickly time passes.  It was a whole SIX years ago, before I married my lovely wife, that we were visiting my now-in-laws for Christmas and it snowed on Christmas day.

Sally always gets very excited about snow, but I don’t really get it.  The difference, it turns out,  is hills.  When you have hills you can go proper sledging.  Swindon doesn’t have hills, but Devon does!

So, having got the sledging bug, on Christmas Day in 2004 we wrapped our camera in a plastic bag and I took it down the hill with me.  We later edited together some footage and made…”SledgeCam”.

This year, we arrived in Devon with deep snow all ready and waiting for us.  We recently upgraded to a waterproof, shockproof Olympus camera, and so I couldn’t resist re-making SledgeCam in HD.

Slightly different in that, rather than bailing out, I went the whole hog and down the steep bit too.

Great fun!  I was going to edit it together but I think they stand alone.  Thanks to Sally and the rest of the family for bearing with me while I had “just one more go” several times.