• Yosemite Dog

    Can anyone else not stop seeing the dog in the default OSX Yosemite background?

  • Instagone

    While I’ve not quite left the Facebook-owned Instagram, I have downloaded all my photos using the very helpful Instaport service. To Instagram’s credit, they form quite a nice little snapshot of a brief period of life. Most of them are here for your perusal (should you choose to indulge me) and my own reminiscing.

  • Let there be Light

    I cannot tell you what a gaff it’s been to reinstate this light after having our ceiling re-plastered. I think this was the fifth attempt. Failures I recall are: 1. Not cutting a hole for the rose. 2. Running out of arm strength because I was too stupid to remove the glass bowls. 3. Wiring […]

  • You’ve got Mail

    In similar vein to the last pic, this one shows code. But it’s specific code. This is an email header: the writing on the envelope, the stamp, the ‘return to sender’, that gets you message from sender to recipient. I’ve been working a lot with emails in the last couple of days, trying to find […]

  • Code is Beautiful

    I’m seeing a lot of this these days. I’ve seen plenty of attempts at photographing code and I do find something beautiful in it. Not always symmetry, but patterns emerge and individual characters blend together into broader ‘brush strokes’ that appear. But it’s not just static either: this is the engine room of that increasingly […]

  • Red Sky in the Morning…

    This is actually from a couple of days ago. I love sun-sets and sun-rises and am mostly of the opinion that they’re not worth photographing. They are beautiful, temporary, unique, ephemeral, and are better enjoyed in the moment. Plus, the photo never does it justice. However, occasionally I still try and capture it. On this […]

  • Brownies

    Haven’t been very good at the photo-a-day thing. This rubbish snap kicks things off again and simply represents the fact that my amazing wife made her legendary chocolate brownies last night. Just one of about a million reasons why I love her. Nomnomnom!

  • Renovations

    We’ve been meaning to get some plastering done in our house for ages. Some of the previous renovations were a bit slap-dash! The impending arrival of baby Wintle has forced us to get a move on with the home improvements. This photo shows the old and new. Capturing the colours and textures of the plaster […]