Let there be Light


I cannot tell you what a gaff it’s been to reinstate this light after having our ceiling re-plastered. I think this was the fifth attempt. Failures I recall are:

1. Not cutting a hole for the rose.
2. Running out of arm strength because I was too stupid to remove the glass bowls.
3. Wiring it wrong.
4. Not having long enough screws to reach the joists through the new, thicker plaster layer.

And this wasn’t even the thing that got me electrocuted…that’s a WHOLE other story!!!

Photographically, an unusual angle can turn a relatively simple object into a thing of beauty. Different angles gave different exposures. Here’s some different views:

2 thoughts on “Let there be Light

  1. Those screws do have hint of having been part of a struggle….

    Photographically, a tweak of the colour balance wouldn’t go amiss, unless your ceiling really is as brown as that.

    1. Yeah, the screws are supposed to be black, but I couldn’t find any long enough in black. So, shiny they are.

      The photo was straight from my phone. The ceiling isn’t that colour, but I was intrigued by how the colours changed as I moved the camera around and it compensated for the high dynamic range. The weird colour was part of the appeal for me.

      I’ll add a couple more showing how the effect varied from different angles.

      Thanks for the comment!

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