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I kinda imagined that these campaigning emails would just go to someone at Tearfund who would batch them all up and send them on to be promptly ignored. But NO! They really go people concerned. And you REALLY get responses.

My current list of extensions – more for personal reference, but worth checking out if you use Google Chrome – and if you don’t, why not give it a go?

[Another belated post written in Jan 2010, just to record some walking we did in 2009 and to log a few peaks bagged!] April and May were busy months, but somewhere in there we managed to do some good walking…. Continue Reading →

A few things… Sally’s back after a weekend away – yay! I’m back at work tomorrow – have to see how things go. Rode 14.8 KM (9.2 miles) in the gym yesterday – does that count?

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