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  • Is Turbo Admin for sale?

    One of the reasons I keep on with Turbo Admin is that I’ve had some major validation of the idea in the form of investment offers and even – no, I can’t believe it either – offers to buy it! I’ve been really encouraged by these offers. Here’s my thoughts on the idea of selling […]

  • Minimalism, shortcuts, and not getting distracted

    Today I’m tidying up an old draft post on the topic of minimalism for posting. I don’t really think of myself as minimalist. I’m not a clean desk person. Our home is big on “floordrobes”. We are slightly-chaotic, creative, mad-professor types. (Well, I should only speak for myself but…) Yet I have a feeling if […]

  • Back to Turbo Admin

    I’m FINALLY getting around to chipping away at Turbo Admin's next steps. But how do I make "frameworky" things in JavaScript?

  • You can’t do ANYTHING without an app!

    If you follow me on socials, you might think that I really didn’t enjoy my holiday… But it’s not really true. We had a great time. I think that, as I relax and unwind, and the adrenaline that’s been keeping everything at bay dissipates, and the major life stuff is put aside, things come crashing […]

  • Tracking calories

    Right. My metabolism ain’t gonna be getting any faster! Time to act!! Partly inspired by @adamwathan’s health success, I’ve started tracking calories. Historically I’ve been fortunate enough (sorry!) to just burn pretty much whatever I eat and stay lean with a bit of exercise. But I’m mid-forties now and my body seems to be slowing […]

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