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  • Remembering

    If we don't remember, we don't have empathy.

  • The View from the Bottom of the Pile

    It seems upside-down, but sometimes when you're at the bottom of the pile, you can see a whole load more looking back up! And there's opportunities for programmers here.

  • What is intelligence anyway?

    This episode of This American Life is amazing. It has several parts and looks at artificial intelligence from a number of different creative angles. There’s fascinating stories of how people become convinced of the “intelligence” of ChatGPT. There’s a short story that reverses the roles and tries to see how intelligent machines might question the […]

  • I’m tired of web dev

    The web used to be fun and simple and easy to get stuff done with. Now it's discovering that someone who doesn't know what they were doing used a div instead of a button and fixing it involves half a day of frustratedly poking around files that make no sense and fixing a broken build process.

  • My simple EV terminology cheatsheet

    All the things you need to know about electric cars, written down as succinctly as I can (which isn’t very). Note that this is UK/EU specific and excludes and proprietary stuff (e.g. Tesla-specific tech) Units of power and battery sizes You will see the following units of power/energy/battery capacity: Examples: How big should my battery […]

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