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  • Book: Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

    I've been doing really well maintaining a read-everyday habit, determined to plough through my pile of un-read or part-read books. Here are my very brief thoughts on Doughnut Economics.

  • Scraping Birthdays from Facebook

    I used some hacky JavaScript to scrape my friends birthdays from Facebook so that I can put them in my actual calendar.

  • Weekend Project: Simple notes app

    I can't use any of my favourite note-taking apps at work. But I can use a web browser and I can write JavaScript. The logical conclusion is, of course, that I should build my own!

  • High standards, low expectations

    This phrase has been a huge change of mindset for me. Really transformative. And I'm much happier. Here's what I mean.

  • New Clothes!

    I don't buy many clothes. I don't like buying clothes. But I needed to buy clothes. And so I bought clothes. And it was fun!!

  • Puzzles

    Remember Wordle? I LOVE puzzles, and we've accumulated quite a few fun things to do each day as a family. We generally do some of these over the breakfast table. It's AMAZING that all this stuff exists and is so accessible. Here's our favourites.

  • I made a(nother) static site generator

    This time it's a static-file-driven, mobile-app-like blog. And the tooling I made should be usable on any simple WordPress blog! But... WHY???

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