• Short-form all the things!

    Seth Godin blogs 5 times a day but doesn't use Twitter. I love my blog but I need to try to keep short-form. How can I better achieve that?

  • Middle…everything?

    I feel like I'm in a stereotypical, middle-class, middle-England, middle-aged parody of my own life.

  • Alas

    Alas, after a good blogging revival in December and the start of Jan, it’s been back to no-blogging for most of the last month. To be honest, I’ve mostly been locked away in my office getting umpteen websites finished and put live, so there’s not been much to tell (though look out for site launch […]

  • Photos

    For one thing my blog needs more images. Plus, I've been preaching about media being important in social media strategy and SEO, so I ought to practice too.