Short-form all the things!

More inspiration from Seth Godin…apparently he blogs 5 times a day but doesn’t use Twitter. This is kind-of a place I’d like to be. Content on my blog is mine. I can promote it on social media, but it’s mine! I get to keep it and its existence isn’t dependent on anyone else or any company or thing. Even if WordPress dies I can still theoretically get my data back and spin my content up somewhere. I like that this is MY space.

But I do tend to write long-form. And writing long-form on a frequent basis just isn’t possible.

So I need to try to keep short-form. How can I better achieve that? Perhaps by being more spontaneous and frequent in jotting down my thoughts.

I’ve been toying with the idea of short-form podcasts too…watch this space for some info on that as I’ll need your help!