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On making an anti-social network

Building a niche social network seems like an exciting prospect at first, but it only takes a little thought to realise that it’s a bad idea.

Websites without photos

Examples of websites that use no, or very few photos, simplifying design choices, and making them super fast.

Short-form all the things!

Seth Godin blogs 5 times a day but doesn’t use Twitter. I love my blog but I need to try to keep short-form. How can I better achieve that?

What’s your hereditary title name?

Here’s a cool thing to do. It’s called “What’s your hereditary title name?” A lesson in security perhaps?

Facebook’s Flaws

After minimising my Facebook presence and deleting all my Instagram photos I wanted to explain a bit more why I’ve done those things. I’m finding it quite hard to articulate succinctly, but I’ll give it a go anyway. I know… Continue reading →

While I’ve not quite left the Facebook-owned Instagram, I have downloaded all my photos using the very helpful Instaport service. To Instagram’s credit, they form quite a nice little snapshot of a brief period of life. Most of them are… Continue reading →

I can’t help but think that, if all the Instagram rage (including my own) was actually, say, poverty rage or climate change rage or… Hmm.

Consolidating the Networks

So it seems like the fuss about Instagram’s Terms and Conditions was over-hyped. It always seemed that way. But it has pushed me over a tipping point anyway. Yesterday and today have seen me starting to process of deleting data… Continue reading →

Oh, bother, I said that wrong didn’t I? Well, here we are. After being pushed over the edge of dumping some social media services by Instagram’s latest terms and conditions, I’ve decided to focus more on the blog here. So,… Continue reading →

Sally and I both use social media a lot so you may think that it would be entirely natural for us to keep some detailed online records of the pregnancy, birth (well, not the birth, but the immediate time after), and early days with our boy. BUT…

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