Side Project: UX for Everyone

So, now that I’ve got a post out about my speaking gig published, I can now talk about something that’s happening as I prepare to speak.

First of all, a big thank you to all the people who voted to say whether I should launch this thing now, or after the talk. The result was pretty balanced, so I was left to make my own decision.

And I’ve decided to part-launch it.

Back story

I’ve been on a journey. I’ve always been generally interested in psychology and the behaviour of people. Then, as I’ve worked on the web a lot, I’ve been learning from others about user interaction, usability, user experience and so on. This is now at a point where I’m confident with talking about these things, and I’m having the same conversations again and again about these things. This stuff really has value, even at small scale.

And that’s where the WordCamp talk came from. I want people to realise, as I ahave, that there are a lot of simple tips, tools, tricks and ideas that can make any website better. I guess I’m a UX evangelist now!

As I’ve been writing my talk, I’ve been paying close attention to my social and news feeds, and I’ve been reading books (to check I’ve got things right). I’m basically digesting anything I come across that has UX and usability in it.

I’m curating some of this information into my talk, but there’s a lot of it, so I wanted another way to share what I’m learning and discovering. Even if it becomes nothing more than an appendix to my talk.

Though I’m hoping it becomes something more than that.

UX for Everyone

So…without further ado and with apologies for my total lack of design skill, I give you: UX for Everyone.

UX for Everyone

Currently mostly a Twitter feed curating and commenting on simple UX ideas. But there is a Facebook page too which I need to start posting to. And there is more to come.

If you’re coming to my talk then I warn you: there may be spoilers. But it may also be interesting background reading; an appetiser before the main course arrives.

This may be a short, temporary side project? Or it may continue and evolve. But it felt right to put it out there while it was in progress.