• Beat the Street – tinkering with a virtual version of the game

    In Swindon at the moment there is this brilliant “game” called “Beat the Street” intended to get people out and about and walking and cycling. They have put more than 170 boxes around the town, strapped to lampposts, and they have given out thousands of fobs and cards. The way the “game” works is that […]

  • Charging up the SchoolBot

    I've been gently nudging SchoolBot development along in my mornings and evenings the last week - here's where it's at.

  • What are you up to?

    I don’t know if this is interesting, but maybe it gives some insight into the breadth of my work in a given week.

  • On making an anti-social network

    Building a niche social network seems like an exciting prospect at first, but it only takes a little thought to realise that it's a bad idea.

  • Side Project: UX for Everyone

    In which I basically make a big song and dance about the fact that I have a new Twitter account and Facebook page.

  • Not so rapid application development

    I recently re-launched hasyourbabyarrivedyet.com, my super, super simple birth announcement service. I’ve rewritten it in Laravel: a PHP-based rapid application development framework. And one thing I learned is that launching even a super, super simple web application in public is a far from rapid process. Hasyourbabyarrivedyet.com is basically a big red button that changes the […]