What are you up to?

So what’s on right now?

I don’t know if this is interesting, but maybe it gives some insight into the breadth of my work in a given week.

Right now I have a number of things on and in the pipeline:

  • I’ve just launched a custom WordPress site for an online magazine that has some quite complicated features built out in custom code and Gravity Forms. This also involved a highly complex import of existing content scraped from hundreds of HTML files. I also themed Vanilla Forums for this project’s community side, and advised on GDPR, SEO and a bunch of other things.
  • I’m working on phase…err…7 perhaps (?) of a custom Laravel-based food ordering system that uses some hefty amount of Vue.js and a big bunch of custom logic.
  • I’m about to launch a site for a Devon-based charity that’s a simple Divi-based WordPress brochure site. But I’m excited because, effectively, I was the visual designer on this and it ACTUALLY LOOKS REALLY NICE!! (Or so I think)
  • I have two other small Divi-based sites on the go for local organisations/people. One involves some clever data manipulation and image migration/import work.
  • I have a WordPress plugin extension to write to enable custom postcode lookup functionality on a Ninja Form.
  • I’m providing ad-hoc support to a number of clients – mostly WordPress stuff, but sometimes diving into UX, hosting, security, site migrations, domains and DNS, email deliverability, and general IT support.
  • I’m trying to get an important client email out about the new “Gutenberg” editor in WordPress (amongst other things) which needs me to edit a screencast video first.
  • In my spare time I’m building SchoolBot and Kownter as side projects (amongst other things that have fallen by the wayside), and trying to keep my “Press Ups” video tutorials going too. Oh and there’s (hugely unexciting secret WordPress project) happening too.
  • Fielding whatever support, hosting, minor changes and prospective client queries come in on a day-to-day basis.

So there we go…keeps me busy with family and household stuff around too!