The Grass Under My Feet

It was lovely, on holiday last week, to be outdoors in a safe environment without much to do at times.

Despite having a very “indoorsy” job, I love being outside. I find it hard to work outside for some reason, even though flexible freelance life means I could.

But being trapped in an office means I don’t get to be outside often. And at home, when I’m outside, I’m usually gardening, cycling, walking or doing something else with purpose.

And this all means that I rarely get to be barefoot.

It will probably sound like a really odd thing, but I REALLY liked walking around barefoot on the grass and (this will surprise some but…) the beach on holiday.

I like things that connect me to the earth. Cycling and gardening means I have to pay attention to weather. Gardening and growing food also puts you very much in touch with the seasons.

I like cooking (even though Sally does most of it) and baking.  I like the processes of brewing tea and filter coffee. I like the slowness of making sourdough bread which is a thing which, when starter and dough, feels very much “alive”.

Computers and the internet are great, brilliant, amazing things. But there’s something special about just feeling the grass beneath your feet.