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CSS and… err …job titles?

I think it’s easier to switch languages than to switch disciplines. We need job titles that better describe our disciplines.

The Grass Under My Feet

Computers and the internet are great, brilliant, amazing things. But there’s something special about just feeling the grass beneath your feet.

Things that are harder when you…STOP EATING THE GRASS LIKE A DOG…have small children!

I read some of what the internet says on productivity and I listen to podcasts that frequently refer to particular productivity practices. And I find a lot of it hard to consume because of the realities of living with small… Continue Reading →

Attention to detail

I’d rather be right than fast.

What I do

Further to writing about “Creating and Consuming”, I’ve been thinking about how some of the people I find most interesting on social networks are people who actually talk and write about what THEY are doing rather then repeating things that… Continue Reading →

Creating and Consuming

I find that there is a constant tension in my life, and I think particularly in my industry – working on the web – between creating content and consuming content. I always feel like I SHOULD create more content. But… Continue Reading →

Laravel: Further forays into Test Driven Development (TDD)

I’m using Test Driven Development (TDD) for the first (and second) time on a couple of side projects. Here are some further reflections on the process and issues I’ve come across.

Christmas and Advent: busy-ness and reflection

It does seem that the expectations that the church puts on people don’t match with how a lot of people live out the month of December.

Accessibility is good for everyone

A simple, practical example of how accessibility is good for everyone.

To the man on the pink scooter

You probably thought I was a bit funny. I mean, you were the adult man on the pink, three-wheeled Barbie scooter, but *you* probably wondered what *I* was doing. I was in my car. I saw you from afar and… Continue Reading →

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