Quotes and Thoughts

There’s a lot going on right now and I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about what is going on. In some cases I think I’ve expressed these thoughts well. In other cases, other people have expressed things that have helped me.

Here are some quotes and thoughts…

Came up with a great analogy yesterday for how specific requirements help everyone:

I often do the grocery shopping.

My wife often lists things like “almonds”.

I arrive at the shop.

There are ground almonds, flaked almonds, blanched almonds, whole almonds. They are on the snack aisle, the baking aisle and in the produce department.

There are various packet sizes.

The actual requirement is something like:

“Ground Almonds, 150g for baking cake”

The lesson: Think about what the other person needs to know to fulfil your requirement without needing further exchange of information.

Otherwise, further communication is needed, which slows you down. OR, the person makes their own assumptions (“here’s a 50g packet of flaked almonds!”) and the whole process becomes blocked and rework is needed.

It takes longer to do the initial work, but you get your cake baked on time for the birthday party!!

“I was coaching someone on how to be a better mentor recently. One perspective I shared is that while you can teach people better work habits, you can’t teach them to care. That is intrinsic, only the person can choose to care about a job or problem.

You can teach how to code, how to run meetings or how to write status reports. You can’t teach them to give a shit.”


“Life is harder when you expect a lot of the world and little of yourself.

Life is easier when you expect a lot of yourself and little of the world.
High standards, low expectations.”

James Clear