A 5 Minute Window: What?

Yesterday I posted a nearly-silent video, with just some music, about PHP arrays and objects.

“That was weird”, I hear you say.

Yeah. Maybe. I was inspired by Aurooba though.

Gonna check that…

Yup – Aurooba – https://thedaily5.xyz/

She’s doing a 5-minute podcast each day. And I really like the short-form format of it.

I have two kids though, and no dedicated space at home to make recordings like that.

And I can’t do it as part of my day job.

So I figured I’d try a silent video format!

“Why not a blog post, Ross?”

Yeah, I hear that too. And the answer is that I want to SHOW you things.

I’m sure this format isn’t perfect. It may not be any good at all. But I might try it for a bit and see what happens.

I’m aiming for relatively light touch. Little editing – you will see my mistakes!

And I encourage questions:

  • What’s your editor?
  • What’s that icon in your menu bar?
  • Why Light Mode?i

Perhaps we can answer some of these questions as we go.

Tomorrow – or whenever I get time – I’ll get back to PHP and objects.

I wasn’t quite finished.