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The Grass Under My Feet

Computers and the internet are great, brilliant, amazing things. But there’s something special about just feeling the grass beneath your feet.

Velib is in no way half-hearted, it’s a real, serious form of public transport in Paris.

Visiting Paris was good, going by train was good, staying in the Latin Quarter was good.

Trains, cars, castles, great food and drink, brilliant friends and good times in Bordeaux.

A great week of rest, walking, Geocaching, and exploring Co. Wicklow, and another fantastic week in Ireland – a country that I’m sure we’ll visit again and again.

It was a much quicker trip then we thought it would be, even with a trip around the almost-as-expensive-as-Powerscourt shop. So we quickly committed to doing a few more Geocaches

The forecast was for patchy rain and our target was Glendalough – “The valley of two lakes” – for some walking and Geocaching.

Ireland is “just over there”, and most people speak English, but Ireland can be quite different.

The crossing – on the “express” ferry – was good but we both felt sea sick and resorted to standing on deck, and wishing it would be over quickly.

We love Ireland. I’ve visited the Dingle Peninsula in the south-west twice now, and we’ve done Northern Ireland, and so, this year, we thought we’d try the east coast.

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