Paris in the Spring

This year my beautiful, amazing, wonderful wife and I celebrated 5 years of being married with a 4-night trip to Paris.

It was an amazing few days.  I totally chilled out.  Anyone who knows me knows that I think a lot and I didn’t think about much at all…not about church, not about work, not about technology, not (much) about cycling.  I confess, I thought quite a bit about food, but that’s France for you, and we talked a bit about politics too.

I don’t normally travel well, but France is OK because I know the lingo pretty well, and in a city it’s easy to find food and drink and pretty much anything else that you need, at pretty much any time of day.

We went on the train to London and Eurostar to Paris…so much nicer than flying.  We stayed in a Hotel on the southern edge of the Latin Quarter and found lots of reasonable-quality, cheap food on Rue Moufftard, which helped keep costs down a bit – in fact, I loved Rue Moufftard, it was the quintessential trendy French street.

The weather was perfect, and we walked our socks off exploring the city, and generally had a really relaxed and fun time.

Some more specific thoughts will follow, but generally, visiting Paris was good, going by train was good, staying in the Latin Quarter was good.

Oh, and being married for 5 years has also been very, very good!