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Christmas and Advent: busy-ness and reflection

It does seem that the expectations that the church puts on people don’t match with how a lot of people live out the month of December.

Pre-Christmas Struggles are OK

Social Media can make the build up to Christmas look so lovely. But if you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone.

The StarWalk app had a nice little Christmas touch…spot it if you can, amongst the stars. Happy Christmas to all friends, family, and anyone else that reads. May you know joy and peace and many blessings in the year ahead.

Was reading one of LICC‘s weekly emails today and came across this beautiful nativity scene painted by Brian Kershisnik. A modern but very down-to-earth take on the birth of Jesus. I love it.  

While the council themselves are making it cheaper to drive into town, the local business in the town centre have teamed up with our local transport companies to provide free bus travel on the evenings of the four late-night Christmas shopping days.

In amongst all the technical learning I’ve been doing there’s been plenty of other stuff going on.

Of course, it IS a mugs game, but somehow, I was hooked!

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