Pre-Christmas Struggles are OK

Social Media can make the build up to Christmas look so lovely. People skiing, preparing for the big day, getting out and doing nice things.

Well, if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. I’m going to be real in case it helps you feel more normal.

I’ve had umpteen birthdays to sort out in the last month, I’ve been helping Sally finish her work off, and then picking up my own work for the last week, I’m struggling with getting presents for everyone, I’m feeling left out because so many Christmas activities are at the wrong times and I can’t take part, I’ve had a nasty cold, and I’m finding parenting hard cos my kids would much rather spend time with their mum than with me.

I LOVE celebrating people at birthdays, I LOVE celebrating Christmas. But I find the pressures and expectations of the ‘holiday’ season totally overwhelming.

And it’s OK if you do too.