• Mailbox – high-speed email management

    I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that I use the Mailbox App for (some of my) email tasks.  People have mixed views about it, and I confess, I wasn’t so sure about it at first.  But I made one little tweak to it that’s made it one of my favourite tools. Mailbox aims to […]

  • You’ve got Mail

    In similar vein to the last pic, this one shows code. But it’s specific code. This is an email header: the writing on the envelope, the stamp, the ‘return to sender’, that gets you message from sender to recipient. I’ve been working a lot with emails in the last couple of days, trying to find […]

  • Communication

    A simple but genius way to make group emails better!

  • To Phish, or not to Phish?

    I received an email from my TV and Broadband provider yesterday. Well, I think it was them.