MailI’ve got some ideas brewing about using technology and communications – this is the source of some of my fairly ambiguous tweets of late and more will be revealed – I promise!

I, personally, use email a lot, but find it a clunky mechanism for communicating and am always on the lookout for ways to improve how email can be used.

My wife sent me a chunk of an email from her work the other day 1 that had a really simple but effective communications device.

The email was a weekly office newsletter and it simply had, after the news items:

Is action required: [yes/no]
By Whom: [people required to action]
By When: this week
Key Contact: [name and email link, title/role, phone number]
Website: [website link]

This is simple genius and I shall be adopting it in any communications I do that go to multiple people and contain actions.  What other simple but useful techniques do people have for making email more manageable?

  1. it was just a link to the Swindon Local Travel Plan that I ranted about the other day – nothing that was naughty to share