Well, sorry folks, it’s been over a month. Which kinda counts as downtime for me I suppose. There was also…shock!!…downtime on the Blog caused by me fiddling with subdomains. 1

I’ve not been completely anti-social-networking, in fact, I’ve been pretty busy building WordPress blogs/sites and doing some web/communications/social media consultancy, and that’s been taking up a lot of my ‘spare’ time.

I’ve been deliberately cryptic about some stuff that’s been going on, and I know I keep promising some news, but it’s hard to know what to make public and when…I’m getting there…honest.

In the meantime, there will be some posts about the garden, which is springing to life, and about politics…there’s some big vote or something happening soon and it’s being thought and talked about quite a bit.

Exciting times!!!

  1. I should point out that I don’t consider my blog that important, so I don’t monitor it…maybe I should?!