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More struggling with JS: how the PHP -> JS interface is broken and why this is painful

Yesterday I was struggling with getting Vue components to do non-AJAXy things and wondering why on earth this was so difficult.

Re-learning to learn to code (and discovering JavaScript’s foibles!)

I don’t know JS So I’ve kinda got stuck in to learning JavaScript. I’ve previously said that I think JavaScript is like the assembler of the web: coding in vanilla JS isn’t really something you should do because it’s too… Continue Reading →

2016: Year of transition ⚠️ – 2017: Accepting the inevitable ?

2016 was a year of transition. 2017? Well, it’s started out with acceptance of things that must be.

The Treachery of Code

I think we should teach people to write code that’s meaningful and understandable. It’s my opinion that neither JavaScript nor CodeAcademy’s new app are good tools for doing that.

Bizarrely this is not a post about my job hunting/exploration of work options.  It’s a post about user experience with software. I did a module at University about human computer interaction and it was fascinating.  I love exploring psychology and… Continue Reading →

JavaScript’s all making a lot more sense, but I still think it’s a bit of a daft language.

I’m still playing with Web Development languages and tools…but I’m really not liking JavaScript.

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