• Dynamic Properties – A 5 Minute Window

    Today, another quirk in PHPStorm with our code snippet. We have strict types on still, but we're going to look at what properties we can set and get from the object.

  • Things all developers need to make in their career #17: A static site generator

    There’s a sort-of-joke that there’s a bunch of things that all developers are supposed to code from scratch at some point in their career. A blog. A to-do list app. The “canonical” applications. And one of these is a static site generator. I’ve actually never built any of these things from scratch. But while making […]

  • PHP Short Functions and Scope

    Yesterday I took an interest in PHP internals looking into @enunomaduro‘s RFC for Auto-capturing multi-statement closures. (Have I said before that I loved studying compilers in CS?) This lead me down some interesting rabbit holes and I wanted to make some notes on what I found. Short vs Long closures There are a two forms […]

  • Where do I fit?

    I'm a bit stuck with my plans for 2019. The big question really, is: where do I fit in the world of web development?

  • Statamic: First impressions

    While the confusion over the launch of WordPress’s new “Gutenberg” editor continues, I’ve been considering some other options. As someone who also works in the Laravel world, Statamic is making a pretty big blip on my radar. It’s a content management system that ‘runs on a “flat file” engine based on Markdown and YAML files’. […]


    In which I lament my own utter incompetence, but also switch back from VS Code to PHPStorm in a flash and cry quietly over programming languages.

  • I’m a PHP Expert!

    OK, OK, yes, this post is partly blatent self-promotion, but it’s also a moment of honesty and a hopefully-interesting reflection on an interesting little test that I did today.