Dynamic Properties – A 5 Minute Window


// Hi!

// OK, these aren't EXACTLY 5 minutes, but I'll try hard to be LESS THAN
// 5 minutes.

// Also... let's get this window out of the way

// That's better.

// Today, another quirk in PHPStorm with our code snippet.

// We have strict types on still, but we're going to look at what properties we can set and get from the object.

// Here's the post class - the template for our objects.

class Post {
    // Each post has a publicly accessible ID and title
    public int $id = 0;
    public string $title = '';

// Here's us making a couple of instances...
$posts = [];

$posts[0] = new Post();
$posts[0]->id = 123; // This is the wrong type. Hold one.
$posts[0]->title = 'Hello World';

$posts[1] = new Post();
$posts[1]->id = 456; // They should be integers! How nice of our editor to tell us. We might have caused a bug!
$posts[1]->title = 'Hello again';

// What if we try to do this though?

$posts[0]->nonExistentProperty = 'thing';

// Hmm.. there's an underline.

// Cool, so it's warning us about that! That's good. (I didn't think it would)

// That property doesn't exist, so we shouldn't be setting it!

// What about if we try to access something that doesn't exist. Perhaps, despite editor help
// we forgot the name of a property?


// Hmm... that's highlighted!

// So, again, we get warned.

// This is GREAT!

// And especially good for when you're working with external APIs.

// Get the data. Put it in an object. Then you don't have to remember what all the fields
// were called. Your IDE helps you!

// So... hopefully you see how objects can be more helpful than arrays.

// Go try it out!

// Onto other things now.