• Trusting code

    You kinda have a relationship with code from your projects. You probably have feelings about it. As I've been thinking about code style, I've also been thinking about how it's important to build up trust in a code base.

  • The View from the Bottom of the Pile

    It seems upside-down, but sometimes when you're at the bottom of the pile, you can see a whole load more looking back up! And there's opportunities for programmers here.

  • notsoeasyhosting.com/tricky.css

    I'm currently running...err...at least 4 small web-based projects at the moment, so I'm getting to grips with Hosting, DNS and CSS again.

  • Debugging the Borders

    Nothing...NOTHING I've ever come across is as unpredictable, complicated, difficult to get right, and downright confusing as this.

  • Tools of the Trade

    Developing a computer program of any size, like any engineering trade, requires some tools and some planning.

  • Web development complexity

    I wonder if such a large collection of technologies has always been required to write a business application?

  • Maybe not so bad afterall

    JavaScript's all making a lot more sense, but I still think it's a bit of a daft language.

  • Javaaaarrghhscript

    I'm still playing with Web Development languages and tools...but I'm really not liking JavaScript.