Maybe not so bad afterall

OK, so I was learning JavaScript from a JavaScript cookbook, which probably isn’t the best way.  It’s still a nasty language but a quick couple of hours with a decent reference book (the O’Reilly JavaScript Pocket Reference) and it’s all making a lot more sense, BUT, I might add, I still think it’s a bit of a daft language.

I’m also finding that though it’s quite powerful (“powerful” languages are usually flexible, and therefore complex, “helpful” and prone to unpredictable behaviour), you have to write a lot of code to do something very simple.

For example, one thing I want to do is create a new row in a table.  I can do this by calling the “insertRow” method of a table element.  But I then have to call the insertCell method of the row element to create all the cells.  And I then need to append some HTML or text into each cell (even if it’s just a  )  to make the cells appear to look right.  What a faff!

I suppose I want all things though.  A simple language with predictable behaviour, but one in which I don’t have to write much code to do what I want.

Yes…now if someone can just create that my life will be complete!