• Apple M1/Apple Silicon Day 1 LIVE

    Follow up – day 3! So, overall I’m pretty happy with the 8GB M1 Air. Outstanding issues I have are: ScreenFlow and some Rogue Amoeba audio apps don’t work – I guess these are doing some clever low-level stuff. I’m having issues importing my MySQL databases from backup. This is not really an M1 specific […]

  • My new cookie pop-up setup

    I'm sure you all know that the rules about how websites use cookies have changed a bit over the last few years. This post explains my current setup for cookie consents and analytics on WordPress sites. And tries to dissuade you from using them in the first place!

  • Tech communities are good

    Drama is a tiny-but-highly-visible portion of what goes on in tech communities. Let's shout about the good stuff too.

  • Knight Time?

    With all this "smart" technology everywhere, has it occurred to anyone that we might only be a very small step away from...