Accessibility is good for everyone

I love WordCamp London and one theme that’s come through strongly from that event is the focus on accessibility.  And one message I’ve really taken away is that accessibility is good for everyone. We should do it not because it’s good for people with disabilities, but simply because it’s good.

I find myself now watching out for examples of this. It’s fascinating.

The other day I was in a meeting, and one person in the meeting is known to have difficulty hearing.  So one of the people leading the meeting suggested that it would be helpful for this person if only person spoke at a time.

And I couldn’t help but think: wouldn’t it be helpful for everyone if only one person spoke at a time?

Accessibility: it’s good for everyone.

(With apologies to the meeting leader – who shall remain anonymous…I hope you don’t mind me sharing a simple, practical example of an important lesson that I’ve been learning)