• True Grit

    Duelling with the council over gritting of cycle paths.

  • Pause?

    Sometimes, I just want to press pause and have every day like this.

  • Crazy Folk

    This is a quick note to any of my neighbours that might be reading. 1 Folks, I know that last Saturday I appeared to be repeatedly filling a watering can, trudging up the garden path, and emptying its contents over an already-waterlogged garden…in the pouring rain…wearing a waterproof. I’ve not, despite what conclusions you may […]

  • Fixing Things 2 – Bicycle

    I headed out on Fuzzy to go to work one morning, only to find that the pedals spun freely in both directions. This is not normal and prevents the main function of the bicycle: forward propulsion.

  • Snow and Cycle Paths

    Eventually, just as the snow and ice was melting away, there was some grit!