Pause button
Pause by Connor Lawless -

[Note, I searched Flickr for the word “pause” to get the image and got some beautiful pictures back]

Cycling has bad moments.  It has bad days.  It has bad weeks!  I’ve written about them before and I deliberately don’t link to those posts now.

Today has been a good cycling day.

A crisp, cool, morning.  I don’t remember the traffic on my commute to work – I remember a blue sky with not a cloud in it and not wanting to stop when I reached the gate to the office.

An easy ride home into another beautiful sky with picture-postcard fluffy clouds against a brilliant blue background.  (At the time I actually thought it was more “The Simpsons” than picture postcard, but never mind).

A friend’s party in the evening.  It’s a few miles away.  I left Fuzzy out of the shed and it didn’t look like rain. In fact it was still crisp and cool.  Not quite winter-gloves cold.  A nice, refreshing cold.  Stars coming out, moon rising.  “You came on your bike?”…”Is there another way to travel a few miles on a beautiful evening like this?”

The roads were quiet on the way home.  The odd boy racer, but next to nothing on the quieter streets.  Still not cold and the moonlight illuminating a few wispy clouds.  I nearly headed, not for home, but for the light-pollution-free country lanes.

Sometimes, I just want to press pause and have every day like this.

I’m off to sit under the stars.