• Job Titles

    I think that the distinction between developers and designers is actually an important one that we should keep, not throw away.

  • So you’re leaving?

    [Old post] Written around the time I left my old job, his is a vagely amusing email exchange with a cyclist colleague of mine that's worth saving.

  • Open Source vs Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

    I think the key difference between open-source and proprietary (closed-source) software isn't openness, documentation, flexibility, or cost. It's that people who write OpenSource software give a damn. They care.

  • Thoughts on going to Uni

    There's a great discussion going on on Emma Mulqueeny's blog that's people giving advice to a young person who's thinking about going to Uni to study computer science, or something similar. Here's my take on the matter (slightly edited).

  • Routine

    I’m a far-from-compulsively over-organised person and I like to think that I’m quite balanced: we need to be organised to get things done, but being TOO organised can, in my opinion, hinder your work. But…it’s gotten a little too chaotic around here. I’m not overloaded. It’s actually been quite quiet of late. But with working […]

  • What Bike?

    The weather this spring is good and fuel prices are high, so it's the ideal time to consider the question "Could I cycle to work?" and, if so, what sort of bike should I get?

  • Sparks

    I've been thinking about how my journey to leaving my job started. It's funny how a few words can have such a profound effect on your life.