Turbo Admin – the WordPress Command Palette – now has a free trial!

I love Turbo Admin. I’m biased, of course, because I built it for myself, but I’m not the only one:

Genius. … Properly wonderful!

Nathan Wrigley of WP Builds


Chris Coyier – CSS Tricks/Shop Talk Show

Huge productivity hack.

Austin Ginder

This is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hard to believe something like this existed under my nose all the while I’ve been screaming at the computer when navigating the terribly designed wp admin. Did I say thank you? Thank you.


It’s flipping brilliant.

James Cooper

…really useful.

Keith Devon

People who have it, love it!

But getting it to people has been tricky. It’s a difficult tool to market because people don’t know they need it until they have it. People don’t seem to be Googling for this kind of tool because they don’t know it’s something that exists.

(Although the number of people who want to hide notices, or punch the block editor welcome screen in the face seems huge! Both of which are things that Turbo Admin helps with!)

When people have come across Turbo Admin, however, they weren’t able to immediately see the big benefit of a browser extension because they had to pay for it.

But now I’ve found a way to make it available to everyone to try out: from today, you can use Turbo Admin on up to three sites for free!

Try Turbo Admin!

I’m still in the process of updating the website and documentation to reflect this change, but I didn’t want that to stop you trying it.

How does this work?

First, download/install the extension – start at turbo-admin.com/try.html

Turbo Admin tries to detect WordPress sites from both the front and back-end, so be careful what you do next! The next three WordPress sites you visit will (probably) use up your three site limit. So you may want to visit three sites that you will log in to to be able to properly try it out.

Sites that are included in your limit will have a green dot on the Turbo Admin icon in your browser. Turbo Admin will work on these sites.

Any other sites will have a red dot on the Turbo Admin icon and Turbo Admin will not work on these.

Note that if you don’t see the coloured dots on Chrome/Chromium then you may need to “pin” the icon. To do this, click the jigsaw puzzle icon and then click the pin icon next to Turbo Admin.

Once you’ve decided you can’t do WordPress without Turbo Admin any more, it’s only $35 (plus local taxes) to buy a license to remove the three-site limit.

This is a one-time purchase of version 1 that will last for as long as the extension works and will get any updates that to version 1.

Why did you do it this way?

I’d considered free trials before. But always as a time-limited thing. But for various reasons this didn’t seem like a great idea.

There is also the plugin, which is free, but doesn’t demonstrate the HUGE benefit of the browser extension. Plus the extension has some features that just don’t make sense in the plugin so you don’t get the full functionality.

When I realised I could easily limit by number of sites, I loved the idea. It’s a much better way to see the benefits for free, while still making the purchase attractive.

I won’t lie, I’m a little scared about how much support work this might generate. So to make it clear: this is a side gig, I have limited time, and I make no promises about support. And anyway, Turbo Admin should, mostly, “just work”!

I’m hoping that this free-trial removes the barrier to trying out the extension, and to people accessing what I consider to be complete “magic” in the WordPress dashboard.

Let’s see what’s next!

I sign off with HUGE thanks to everyone who has bought Turbo Admin, shared it, promoted it, reviewed it, loved it, and helped me develop it and get it into the world.