Bother my brain…

After several very good days of feeling pretty normal I had a very frustrating day on Monday (it involved 2 printers, one powerpoint document, and lots of paper and ink).

I suspect that this was just a normal frustrating day but I started to get all knotted up inside again and lost my appetite. Was this another attack of the nasty blues? Or was it just a bad day that my brain blew out of all proportion?

I find that psychology is now kicking in. I’m now especially sensitive to how and feel. When I get low I start to analyse why that is, and I probably start to worry too – which, of course, only makes things worse.

Only time will tell. In the meantime I’ve been to the doctor who will take a blood test but otherwise thinks I’m probably OK, and should be returning to work tomorrow! Well, if the boss will let me.