• Tracking calories

    Right. My metabolism ain’t gonna be getting any faster! Time to act!! Partly inspired by @adamwathan’s health success, I’ve started tracking calories. Historically I’ve been fortunate enough (sorry!) to just burn pretty much whatever I eat and stay lean with a bit of exercise. But I’m mid-forties now and my body seems to be slowing […]

  • Anxiety is normal

    The people around you - your family, your colleagues, your friends, all probably have anxieties. You may never know it. Go easy on them!

  • Highly sensitive

    I recently discovered the trait of High Sensitivity - it's been a revelation to me and my family. Here's why.

  • Fixing Things 3 – Teeth

    My teeth are pretty good but when a bit of one fell out while I was watching TV I decided it might be worth a visit to the dentist.

  • The Dangers of Snow

    I have discovered one of the dangers of snow! And it's caused me an injury.

  • A run!

    Wednesday was fine. Sunny if cool. I'm just about over my cold and have been back on the bike. It was a date with destiny.

  • Crunch, Clank, Cough, etc

    Both Fuzzy and I have been ill of late.  I’ve had the same cold (I think) three times now and still feel like I’m fighting it off.  There seems to be a lot of nasty bugs around this winter. And Fuzzy – the poor bike – started, well, it started with the odd clank and […]

  • Persistent Prayers Paying Off

    This is a follow up to the post about praying for good health. Last Sunday our church had a “Healing and Wholeness” service. They do this a couple of times a year and the idea is that we believe God wishes, in some cases, to heal us, and, in all cases, to bring us wholeness. […]