• Rats, Backs and not cycling.

    It’s been a bit of a hectic time of late so I have another backlog of posts to write. Watch this space for some back-dated things that I didn’t have time to write about properly when they popped into my head. Rats So, our house now smells, quite pungently, of dead rat. At least we […]

  • Persisting with Praying for Health

    Last year was a very difficult year for me, health-wise. Read elsewhere if you don’t know why. I know that sometimes I’ve overreacted, I know that there are plenty of people with much worse things wrong with them. But I’ve had more than my fair share of annoying, niggling, painful, exhausting, frustrating things that have […]

  • Mice? Oh rats! And a whole host of other problems.

    So, we thought we had mice in our loft but, after further inspection, a little web research, and discussions with other people about the size of droppings, we’ve decided we have rats. Booooo! They seem confined to the loft above our extension and the wall cavities. After calling the council and hearing that it would […]

  • Finding purpose

    So, it’s been a long year. It’s been a hard year. I’ve been ill a lot. I’ve not achieved very much of what I thought I would. I enjoy physical activity and I’ve not managed to do much. On the up side we have bought a house and very much settled in Swindon, into our […]

  • Back in the saddle!

    After the successes of mountain climbing at the weekend I’m back into cycling to work. And it feels great. Going slowly and steadily at the moment but hopefully we’ll be out on training runs again soon. Funny how this has become so important to me. I feel I have some of my identity back now […]

  • Conquering the Glyders

    I have now climbed three mountains! What a weekend. We’ve had this trip to Snowdonia planned for ages. My sister and her boyfriend invited us to climb Snowdon the hard way (via Crib Goch) months ago and this weekend, it finally came about. Despite the forward planning, for Sally and I it was all a […]

  • Still not right!!!

    It’s been nearly a month now since I was up all night being sick…the “flu-like virus” has mostly gone away but, as anyone who’s been watching my Facebook status will tell you, I still have the odd bad day. Tonight has been a particularly bad evening with me collapsing in bed and feeling like I’m […]

  • Getting used to being ill

    I don’t remember being ill much as a kid, teenager, or even in my early working years. But that all seems to have changed lately. The last two weeks, since getting back from Greenbelt, have been one physical problem after another. Starting with what appeared to be food poisoning or a stomach bug of some […]

  • Psychology

    Bother my brain… After several very good days of feeling pretty normal I had a very frustrating day on Monday (it involved 2 printers, one powerpoint document, and lots of paper and ink). I suspect that this was just a normal frustrating day but I started to get all knotted up inside again and lost […]

  • A good 20 miles – and some amateur physiology

    Went out for a ride by myself this afternoon. Managed 21.24 miles in 1:24:31, averaging 15.0 mph overall. A good ride but my knees hurt a bit – probably beacause I’ve not been doing my stretches while I’ve not been cycling to work – must keep that up even when I’m not doing a daily […]