Finding purpose

So, it’s been a long year. It’s been a hard year. I’ve been ill a lot. I’ve not achieved very much of what I thought I would. I enjoy physical activity and I’ve not managed to do much.

On the up side we have bought a house and very much settled in Swindon, into our jobs, and into our church.

I’ve now had a period of feeling well for a while. Things finally seem to be fixed. So I’m taking stock, looking around and thinking “Phew, OK, so that’s over…what now?”

To help with that process I’m re-reading a book that’s quite well known in Christian circles called “The Purpose Driven Life”. It’s written by famous American church leader who does lots of “purpose driven” stuff. It’s a very American book – though I can’t really explain why. But if you can see through the American Evangelical-isms it’s a good book.

It’s just what I need right now. It’s taking a very beaten and battered soul inside of me, and taking it back to the basics of my faith. Why am I here? What on Earth am I doing? How do I find God in all of this? And what does he want me to be doing with my life.

Hopefully I’ll be reporting back sometime…watch this space.