Tracking calories

Right. My metabolism ain’t gonna be getting any faster! Time to act!!

Partly inspired by @adamwathan’s health success, I’ve started tracking calories.

Historically I’ve been fortunate enough (sorry!) to just burn pretty much whatever I eat and stay lean with a bit of exercise.

But I’m mid-forties now and my body seems to be slowing down.

I’m about 6-8 kilos above where I want my weight to be, and it’s starting to show too.

It’s not a lot, relatively. But it’s a trajectory I don’t like. And I need to start moving the line the other way.

I don’t like giving away all the data to some tracking app, but they do seem to be really useful helpers for this kind of thing. So I have accepted it.

I have an app ready to go (the same one Adam was using, I think?)

I’ve never tracked calories before. So a big part of it is to shock myself into seeing how much I actually consume.

I’m a grazer. And I’m prepared to quickly be shocked by my snacking!

Let’s see how this goes!