• Tracking calories

    Right. My metabolism ain’t gonna be getting any faster! Time to act!! Partly inspired by @adamwathan’s health success, I’ve started tracking calories. Historically I’ve been fortunate enough (sorry!) to just burn pretty much whatever I eat and stay lean with a bit of exercise. But I’m mid-forties now and my body seems to be slowing […]

  • Brownies

    Haven’t been very good at the photo-a-day thing. This rubbish snap kicks things off again and simply represents the fact that my amazing wife made her legendary chocolate brownies last night. Just one of about a million reasons why I love her. Nomnomnom!

  • Something’s Brewing

    Last Christmas (2008!) I got given, by one of my Godsons, a Ginger Beer kit. It's been sat in a cupboard doing nothing for ages, even though I love Ginger Beer. During a recent tidy-up it came out of the cupboard and I decided to get it started.