The Dangers of Snow

There’s been a few more hits and even a comment lately, which suggests new readers. Hello!!!

I will, at some point write some “pages” that explain a bit about me and why this blog is here…watch this space.

In the meantime, one of the reasons I started writing stuff down was to track various health things that were going on. Not really personal stuff…of course! But, I guess this blog is really about things I’m learning. The tag line contines to be true “Discovering new things in an old home”. And so I’m slowly learning how to keep my body from failing under the various strains of things like stress and cycling.

Now, Sally, my wife, pointed out the other day that I’d not written anything about the huge amount of snow that we’ve had lately. Truth is, I’m not that interested in it (though there is a post in my head about the cool ways that people have used the internet and social networking during the snow time).

But I have discovered one of the dangers of snow! And it’s caused me an injury.

Some facts about the snow:

  • It’s made me stop exercising, not just cycling, but generally, I’ve been moving around less.
  • It’s getting quite dangerous to walk on round here.  Not that it’s hard-packed ice, it’s not nice, and as I drove (yeah, I’ve been driving to work…bad form I know!) out of my street this morning, people were choosing to walk on the well-gritted road rather than the pavement.
  • There have been some articles in the press about clearing paths of snow, but I quite like the idea of communities pulling together with their spades to clear the paths and make them safe to walk on.

So, attempting to set a precedent, I went out with my spade on Sunday and cleared the path and two parking spaces outside our house.

Sadly, this sudden exertion seems to have brought on some back pain.

Actually, I think it’s a combination of doing nothing, sudden exertion, and then doing nothing again.  I actually spent most of Sunday afternoon slumped in a chair with the laptop typing out a huge long essay on “How to read the Bible” and I’m sure that did me no good either.  In fact, the last time I did my back in I’d spent too much time slumped in comfy furniture.

My back is an on-and-off source of trouble.  I think I know what causes it and I have long periods of being pain free between minor incidents.  But I was thinking last night about the fact that I’m probably somewhere between a fifth and quarter of the way through my working life and if bad posture is occasionally a problem now, I really need to get it sorted out in the long term, or I’ll end up seizing up entirely!