Stressed: The story so far

Firstly, for my own benefit, a record of what happened and when – ‘cos I’m rapidly forgetting.

Wednesday 25th April – slept badly, cycled to work and back, felt fine, gave blood, felt a bit light-headed afterwards and found eating difficult but recovered
Thursday 26th April – slept badly, cycled to work and back, VERY tired when I got home and started feeling knotted up inside, like I might need to cry, packed for my weekend away.
Friday 27th April – slept badly, supposed to be heading to stag weekend after work so did NOT cycle, felt very tired in morning and struggled to eat breakfast, felt nauseous afterwards. Decided not to go to stag weekend until tomorrow.
Saturday 28th April – slept well and woke feeling fine and popped to town to get stuff to take to stag weekend, got home, felt VERY weak, collapsed in tears and cried on-and-off, controllably, for around two hours. Decided not to go to stag day but then stressed a lot about whether Sally should go. Eventually she decided she wouldn’t. Went to BBQ in evening. Very low all day, very tired, dazed and confused but no more crying.
Sunday 29th April – slept well, fine again for most of the day, went for long bike ride and to church, ended the day feeling low and like crying again but didn’t.
Monday 30th April – slept OK, felt VERY tired and pushed through it, started feeling better about 4pm and had a good, if tired, evening. Emailed my boss but he was off work.
Tuesday 1st May – Slept OK but woke early. Felt good most of the day but boss replied and implored me to take time off. Thinking about that, the consequences of it, how I felt about it, made me well up a bit and I cried when I got home.