To stress or not to stress…

So, I got signed off of work on Tuesday and have had a few days forgetting about everything at home. It’s now Friday and last weekend seems a long time ago.

The doctors can’t get me an apppointment until the 14th (it was about 2 weeks away when I booked it), so I popped into the NHS drop-in clinic today and the nurse there didn’t have much to say.

So it’s very much wait and see at the moment. I’m VERY grateful to my boss for the time off and the rest. But I feel like a bit of a fraud now. It was all very real on Saturday but now I wonder if there was some overreaction. Certainly at the time it was very scary being so out of control of my emotions, and I was just physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted in a way I’ve not been before. I guess we can only wait and see.

I’ve learned some things in the meantime, which I’ll try to write up at some point but for now, I’m doing OK.