Holiday cycling

Friday – sad to be heading home.

Did a short walk in the morning to Poltesco – a lovely little National Trust-owned cove only a couple of miles from Cadgwith. It finally rained!!

But this post is mostly about holiday cycling. We’ve made our first use of the rack that my dad gave us that lets us put the bikes on the car and go places. It was a bit nerve racking at first but it’s very secure!

It’s been such a busy holiday that we only actually did 2 rides. On Tuesday to Helford (see the post from that day and the route on Bikely), and today, in the afternoon, I did a faster ride by myself on the same route we did to Helford, but only as far as Newtown.

These have been good rides. Slightly hilly but quiet roads. A bit disappointing that some roads were very narrow so you didn’t want to get too much speed up in case anything came the other way.

Fitness-wise, I’ve got a new strain in the form of an aching wrist, but I had this on the way to Cornwall in the car and so it’s probably related to driving!

I’d definitely take the bikes away on holiday again!