Cycling update

Not done much longer distance cycling recently – though some would say I’ve never ridden a “long” distance, my 30 milers are as good as it gets. My excuse: the weather’s been awful this summer with LOTS of rain. But it’s finally getting better, so it’s time to get out and trying to build up the distances again.

Last night managed a measly-but-hilly 13.3 miles out to Wanborough (towards Uffington) and back in just over 45 mins, averaging about 17.3mph. I played squash before the ride and by the time I finished I was pretty knackered but felt good! My knees were OK, I felt pretty strong throughout, and my cycling shoes and clipless pedals made it a joy to do. There were times of riding on the flat at 24mph that just felt really good!

Oh, and I stopped for a while to rescue a little dog who was running around all over a main road too.

I’m encouraged about this short evening ride, but I do need to get the distances up. Let’s hope for lots more good weather!