You didn't cycle in today…?

The rain is back, and so I’m once again faced, upon entering my workplace, with the statement “Surely you didn’t cycle in today!”

I do sometimes question my own sanity, and I ask myself how I would respond if someone asked me why I did it. I reckon I could get between 10 and 20 good reasons…so here goes:

  1. It improves my strength.
  2. It improves my fitness.
  3. I’m likely to live longer.
  4. It takes a car off the road (reduces congestion).
  5. It’s less polluting.
  6. I breathe in less pollution.
  7. It reduces the need for parking.
  8. It’s cheaper.
  9. It’s less stressful (I’d much rather cycle in the rain than sit in a traffic jam).
  10. It wakes me up.
  11. It burns calories (OK, so I take them in again by eating more!).
  12. It makes me feel good.
  13. It’s fun (in a strange way).

13 without much thinking! There must be more…