Charity and Justice

I’d like to post a link to this article about Charity and Justice. Relevant Magazine doesn’t always hit the mark (more below) but this article explains an important difference between what the author calls “charity” (giving to help people in need) and “justice” (trying to fix the things that make charity needed). It’s worth reading, thinking about, and taking action on.

Having spoken at some length about “Christian” media in my Greenbelt post, I now mention Relevant Magazine again. Relevant is a very-American media company who are publishing a couple of magazines, some books and resources, and a website, mostly aimed at a Christian audience but, as with Greenbelt, you could get lots from it if you weren’t following God in any kind of way.

Sometimes it misses the mark totally, but if you ignore the American-ness, the vast amounts of advertising (someone’s got to pay to make these things happen), and some of the less useful articles, there’s some useful, interesting, thought-provoking, and sometimes challenging stuff in there.

I hope this article was in one of those categories.