Form vs Function

Why is it that things that perform a job well always look stupid? This seems to be especially true of sports wear.

Why is it that the best way to keep warm on my bike in winter is to wear skin-tight, fleecy-lined tights?

Why is bright yellow seemingly the best colour to wear if you want to be seen on the roads in the daytime?

When are they going to invent some head protection that looks compact and stylish (this probably does exist but is not in my price range).

Where can I get some overshoes that don’t make my feet look like they belong to a large black alien.

And of course, wearing all these things together simply make a person look ridiculous.

I’ve been experiencing this strange law of nature recently as I’ve been acquiring and wearing more winter kit for my commute. And I’m sure it holds true for more than just cycling kit. I bet runners (Sarah?) have the same feelings about vests and shorts and so on – I bet the stuff that keeps you cool and comfortable in summer and warm and safe in winter looks really weird.

So as winter goes on and I wrap up more and more I expect more and more jibes about how silly I look. Well let it be said that I don’t care! I may look daft, but I’m warm, dry, fast, fit, safe and comfortable. So there!!!